Review: Jiva

Bad hair day? Chipped nails? We’ve all been there! So what do we all do, we run to an overpriced salon to get ourselves fixed. We all then end up spending way too much money and we feel guilty. Relatable? I thought so!



Efficient, accommodating and reasonable. Those are the three words that come to mind when I think of Jiva. Opened by the gorgeous, talented and ambitious Poonam Luthra, Jiva is an up-and-coming beauty salon located in 55 Ekamai Soi 12 which offers a variety of services like, waxing, blow dry, haircuts, pedicures, manicures, nail art, hair coloring and much more! Opened from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Jiva is filled with loyal clients 24/7! That’s why I recommend making an appointment beforehand to ensure no waiting is required.

You’re thinking what makes Jiva stand out from the other 1000’s of hair salons in Bangkok? Did I mention they serve alcohol?  Yup, I know caught your attention! You can sip on Red wine for 150 baht or a Rose Prosecco for 190 baht. Fancy a Gin Tonic ( 190 baht) or are you not much of an alcohol lover? Well, don’t worry they also serve coffee (50 baht), milk (20 baht) and much more! You can sip on a drink of your choice while pampering yourself!

unnamed (2).jpg
My hair after a hair cut + blow dry

Well, it wouldn’t be an honest review If I didn’t go try out their services. So I went in for a hair wash, hair cut and a blow dry. 

Firstly, the hair wash consisted of a very relaxing head massage (which I needed) and Jiva’s special shampoo!

Secondly, I decided to trim my split ends and she did just that! I hate it when I go to a salon and I ask them for a trim and they end up cutting 10 inches of my hair. I appreciated how the hair stylist listened to exactly what I wanted and I got the desired haircut I anticipated for.

Lastly, I asked her to straighten my hair and she did just that! Costing a total of 500 baht! Reasonable, yet providing high-quality services!


Trust me, head over to Jiva and you won’t end up going to another hair salon ever again!


More information on Jiva:

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Telephone: 081 647 4402

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