Review: Dance with me



‘Dance with your heart and your feet will follow’ says Kavita Pathela Gohgar. Dance has played a massive role in the lives of millions of people throughout history. Whether for recreational, professional, or religious reasons we’ve always used dance to express ourselves.

That’s been the case for Kavita; a kindergarten teacher by day and a dancer by night. Kavita started teaching dance as a hobby over 20 years ago and she still feels the same excitement every time she dances. She said her passion for dance keeps “[her] excited to learn all forms of dance, visualizing the dance steps and transforming it, in reality, gives [her] tremendous pleasure.”

With that being said, she decided to start her own dancing company called Dance with Me! All classes are appointment based and are suitable for all ages. She teaches Bollywood dancing and has choreographed for weddings, school talent shows, dance competitions, Diwali balls and other festivals.

I’ve actually attended many of Kavita’s dance classes in the past and I can truly say that her commitment, dedication, and professionalism has surpassed any other dance companies I’ve tried out. Even though I’m not much of a dancer ( I dance like a penguin), Kavita’s optimistic attitude in each of one her classes has made my dancing experience truly enjoyable.

If you’re interested in attending some of ” Dance with Me” classes contact Kavita at 0891095052.

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