Review: Red Pizza Cafe!

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Who doesn’t love Pizza? Definitely not me! If you’re a pizza fanatic like me and is bored with the same old variety here in Bangkok; do not fear RED PIZZA is here!


Having done exceptionally well as a catering and delivering business due to its creative, unique and original pizza recipes, Red Pizza will be now opening a cafe in Sukhumvit Soi 71 ( Between Pridi Soi 25-27) opening next week!

Red Pizza is not your typical pizza joint. Instead Red Pizza fuses Italian, Indian and Thai flavors to make the most original and unique Pizza’s you will ever taste. Still not convinced?  Here is snippet of what Red Pizza offers:

  • Hot n Spicy Pizza As the name suggests.
  • Bai Ka Paew Pizza- Bai Ka Paew and Pizza are my two favorite things. Imagined them combined. Pure deliciousness.
  • Butter Paneer Pizza Imagine Butter Paneer on a Pizza… Well you don’t have to, because it exists! This personally is my favorite Pizza they offer.

Quality over everything, says Sudeep Sehgal. Their infamous thin crusted pizza is so delicate yet so mouth-watering. Their ‘special’ tomato sauce is nothing like you’ve tasted. Once you eat Red Pizza nothing else will compare ( I pinky promise).

Trust me, the Red Pizza cafe will be everyone’s summer ’17 hangout spot.

Want to Know more about Red Pizza?                                                                                     Instagram:                                                                 Facebook:                                                                                                           Order Red Pizza!: 087 677 1100 ( Opened from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm)

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